Thursday, February 06, 2014

Why DMX or anyone else should not box George Zimmerman.

A celebrity boxing promoter named Damon Feldman is trying to set up a fight between George Zimmerman and any "celebrity" willing to step into the ring with him. ( this is the part where we all ignore the fact that supposedly Zimmerman couldn't beat a child but somehow thinks he can hold his own with an adult in a boxing ring. )

90's rapper DMX has let it be known that he would love to whip Zimmerman's ass. Reports differ as to whether DMX has actually signed for a fight with Zimmerman or not.

Now I as much as anyone would love to see DMX pound the hell out of the child killer and woman beater that is George Zimmerman but this fight shouldn't happen. DMX should walk away from this deal and not do one thing to put money in the pockets of this scumbag.

I don't know what DMX's actual money situation is but if it is bad there are better ways to get paid than becoming a damned sideshow. Don't do this Dark Man X, you are better than this. Please don't help the man that killed Trayvon Martin. I know you think that in some way you may be exacting some revenge for Trayvon but you will only make this sad situation into a joke with a bad punchline.

Having this fight only demeans and trivializes the life of Trayvon Martin.

DMX, taking this fight is not how Ruff Ryders roll. Do the right thing.

George Cook

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