Friday, September 05, 2014

Review of "Black Jesus"

WARNING: If you are religious and don't play when it comes to Jesus do not under any circumstances watch Black Jesus. You will be highly upset at just not the way Jesus is portrayed but in the way he is addressed at times.

There are six things you immediately notice when watching the first episode of Black Jesus Aaron McGruder's new show on Adult Swim:

1. As the title states Jesus is black.

2. Jesus is great guy.

3. Jesus also has a foul mouth.

4. Jesus gets high.

5. The excessive use of the word nigger. (which I have an issue with)

6. The show is funny.

The show is funny in obvious ways but some of the humor is thought provoking. There's a bit in the first episode when Jesus tries to use the fact that he died for our sins to get out of paying for weed and the reactions of his friends is funny but sadly true for many.

There's also a scene where Jesus is roughed up during a stop by the police that is funny as well as timely. The show also manages to slip in a clever point about forgiveness.

The setup for the show basically is Jesus in Compton surrounded by his idiot friends. From their everything seems to be improv. If there is a script it seems to be nothing more than an outline. This show is not for everyone. If you liked the Boondocks and get the humor in that show you will love it if not then you may want to avoid it.

There are some in the religious community who strongly object to the show. In my opinion thee show is not such much joking about Jesus as much as it is on joking about those who do not believe in him and at times the concept of religion itself.


The cast especially Slink Johnson as Jesus is funny and John Witherspoon and Charlie Murphy bring their normal over the top comic sensibilities to the show and are hilarious.

My only major beef with the show is the use of the word nigger. I mean it's used enough to give Django a run for its money.

Other than that I recommend checking the show out.

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