Monday, February 24, 2014

Should the NFL attempt to ban the n-word?

Oh well here we go with another conversation about the use of the word nigger. ( I am not going to use the term n-word as we are all grown here. ) Right from the start let me state that the word nigger is one of the most vile and reprehensible words in our language. It's only use was and is to demean blacks and to make them feel inferior to others. If you think any differently then you really look into the history of the word and stop deluding yourself.

Now back to the conversation on the actual use of the word nigger. This conversation normally brings out some of the stupidest things that can possible be said.

Examples would be:

"Rappers and comedians use it all the time..."

"We use it as term of endearment..."

"It's just a word..."

"We are taking the word nigger back..."

It seems that this conversation sends us into bizzaro world. Today I was watching TV as two white men discussed the use of the word nigger and then defended a black man's right to call another man a nigger. WTF!

The two men's conversation stemmed from a proposed rule that would give a team a 15 yard penalty if a player used the word nigger during a game.

At first I laughed because I thought that it would be ridiculous to try to control what grown men say on a football field. Why should the NFL even try to ban the use of the word? But then I thought about it. It could be that the NFL and more importantly it's corporate partners and just tired of it and afraid that it may soon affect the bottom line. It could even be that the NFL has suddenly become socially aware and feels a sudden sensitivity toward it black players.. ( okay I'm pushing it )

I started to think of how the NFL could do this. The players may be in the NFL but playing football is their job. Just like you and me there are rules that we have to follow when at work. Most of us work at jobs were openly calling someone a nigger or using the word in front of the wrong person would get us fired or suspended. Why shouldn't it be the same for NFL employees. That's right I wrote employees. NFL players are employees and can be subject to workplace rules like the rest of us.

The NFL has the right to ban a word or words that it finds offensive in the workplace. ( Yes I know the NFL is somehow cool with the name Redskins but that's another article ).

Now even if the rule goes through I doubt that it will be called much or that it will change the players off the field behavior. But maybe just maybe it can make some think about their use of the word. If not the current players maybe the young men that follow them. That's about all we can hope for.

George Cook

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