Monday, May 12, 2014

Rand Paul backtracks on Voter ID comments

Whew! Rand Paul scared me over the weekend. It sounded as if he was having a rationale discussion over voter ID laws. But never fear Paul reverted back to his party's disenfranchising ways today! George Cook

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) continues to believe voter identification laws should be left up to individual states, an adviser to the senator said Monday.

Paul's senior adviser, Doug Stafford, downplayed remarks Paul made Friday when he advised Republicans not to go "too crazy" about voter identification laws because they are "offending people."

Stafford signaled that Paul's comments to The New York Times did not mark a change in view and said it is a point he has made many times before.

"In the course of that discussion, he reiterated a point he has made before that while there may be some instances of voter fraud, it should not be a defining issue of the Republican Party, as it is an issue that is perhaps perceived in a way it is not intended,” Stafford said in a statement Monday. “In terms of the specifics of voter ID laws, Senator Paul believes it's up to each state to decide that type of issue.”

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