Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Statement from Charles Rangel asking for your support in 06/24/2014 Dem primary.

African American Reports reached out to the campaign of NY Congressman Charles Rangel on this busy primary day to ask why voters should support the 21 term congressman again. The campaign made the statement below:

I need you to vote for me today so that I can keep working with President Obama for the final two years of his administration. There's so much to do: raising the minimum wage, creating jobs, building more affordable housing, passing the DREAM Act and immigration reform and protecting the Affordable Care Act. I've been a leader on all of those, standing up against Tea Party Republicans who want our President to fail, and we still need a champion for our values.

It's been humbling enjoying the endorsements of fellow elected leaders including Governor Cuomo, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Public Advocate Tish James and so many of my colleagues in Congress. I've been honored to gain the support of unions, the Daily News and friends like you. It's reminded me just how much we need strong leadership that delivers for our communities.

But those expressions of support aren't enough: what I really need is your vote today.

Charles Rangel's website http://www.charlierangel.org/meet_charlie

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