Saturday, July 19, 2014

Disturbing video, NYPD officers choke man to death.

Two NYPD cops ( Officers Daniel Pantaleo & Justin Damico ) have been put on desk duty after one used a choke hold to apprehend a "suspect" leading to the man, Eric Garner's death. Witnesses say all the victim did was break up a fight while police contend he was selling loose cigarettes.

It is worth noting that [SOURCE] Pantaleo has been accused of false arrest and violating police procedures in two lawsuits, court records show. In one, two African-American plaintiffs won $15,000 apiece after claiming they’d been falsely arrested on Staten Island in 2012 and forced to publicly strip so cops could search them. All charges against them were dropped.

RIP to Eric Garner and condolences to his family. Video of the incident is below. Warning, some may find the video disturbing.

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