Tuesday, August 26, 2014

African American winners at the 2014 Emmy Awards

Congratulations to all who won Emmy Awards in 2014. I would like to take a moment to let you know of those African Americans who are Emmy Award winners.

Joe Morton: Scandal. Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

[SOURCE] Morton expressed his appreciation for the award: "It's an incredible feeling to have been in the business this long — this is the first time I've been up for one of these things. And given who I was quote unquote up against, it's terrific."

He added: "My head is in the clouds somewhere, and my feet are trying to touch the ground."

Uzo Aduba: Orange is the New Black. Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

[SOURCE} Backstage, the 33-year-old found herself on the verge of crying once again. "I feel so full, that’s why the tears come out," she told reporters, adding: "I’m stuffed. My cup runneth over right now. Mission accomplished, thank you."

Aduba went on to discuss her admiration for show creator Jenji Kohan. "The thing I love most about working with Jenji is her want and this burning need to tell the truth, and it doesn’t really matter the cost, what it takes to go here," she said. "She puts that and instills that in her writing and her writers, and it’s just incredible."

She continued: "Her heart is just mama bear for everybody on that team, not only for the art that she makes, but she wants to create a family there for us. She really does everything in her power to make sure that energy — the love and the life that’s present — stay bright, and that makes it the perfect work environment."

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