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Black author interview with Tiana Nicole author of Deceitful Temptations.

As an author myself I know how hard it can be for authors to get publicity for their books. With that in mind I have decided to post short 7 question interviews with black authors to help publicize black authors and their books at no cost to those authors. If you are willing to do a free interview just contact me at georgelcookiii@gmail.com

AAR (African American Reports): Tell us something about you the person?

Tiana Nicole: I would like to share with the readers that beyond all things I am humble. I’m a 29 year old wife and mother of three awesome children. Because of my background I’d like to think I’ve come a far cry from the life I lived in the past. I was a troubled teen whom needed to find a better outlet to deal with my aggression. My outlet was my education and of course my writings. I overcame those troubling times by proceeding to achieve an A.A Degree in Business Administration, a B.A Degree in Psychology, and my finest accomplishment of them all, a M.A Degree in Business Management.

AAR: What inspired you to begin writing?

I’ve always been inspired to write. Around or about the age of 13, I would produce short stories that were intended to be full novels, however somehow I would tell the entire story within the first five pages. I became discouraged by that particular short coming, and because of that road block I ceased writing. My interest in writing rekindled in 2010 at a point where I wasn’t expecting.

AAR: What is your latest title?

Tiana Nicole: My latest novel is titled Deceitful Temptations. The key characters of the book are both Pastor James and his wife Charmaine. Maurice is a smart, handsome man of the cloth whom of which is working hard to lead his city into the next millennium by running for Mayor with his wife right by his side every step of the journey. In public they have a picture perfect love. Despite the dedication from his wife, the good Pastor can’t seem to fight the temptations of the flesh the outside world has to offer. Although their picture perfect on the outside, their private lives holds an extensive amount of hurt, pain, and a battle of deceit that may be proven to be stronger than their marriage.

AAR: What's the plot of the book?

Tiana Nicole: The plot of the book focuses on shedding light on the fact of regardless of who we are in life, and what we set out to accomplish we all have our flaws and our faults. No one individual has tackled the craft of perfecting life. The plot also delivers a much needed awareness to both men and women how important it is to love yourself, and to never settle on anything less than your worth. In many instances we love the idea of companionship more than we love the idea of loving ourselves.

AAR: Who is your favorite character in the book?

Tiana Nicole: My favorite character in the book would have to be Charmaine. I loved that I was able to convey a powerful message through her character. It’s important to know when and if an adjustment is needed within any relationship. There’s a difference in walking away, and saying enough is enough.

AAR: Where is the book available?

Tiani Nicole: The book is available via Amazon in both e-book, and paperback format. We’re hoping to add additional outlets for purchasing.

AAR: Is there anything you would like to mention in closing?

I would first like to thank you for having me. It was an absolute pleasure. I would also like to thank my readers for the support and the love I’ve received since the release of my debut novel. I’d also like to inform my readers I’m working hard to bring them my next literary master piece, and the wait won’t bee too far away.

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