Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Interview with George Cook, author of NAPPY a story book for little black girls

Here is a short interview with myself (George Cook) about my children's book NAPPY. NAPPY is a short picture book letting little black girls know how beautiful both they and their hair are.

AAR (African American Reports): How did the book NAPPY come about?

George Cook: It was actually a poem in a book of poetry I wrote back in 2009. I wrote the poem to let little black girls know how beautiful they truly are. It was also written with my daughter in mind. it was kind of prophetic because now she is trying to go natural and is completely comfortable with her hair. She is breaking my wife and I financially in the process of going natural but it's cool.

AAR: When did you have the poem illustrated?

George Cook: I actually tried to illustrate it myself in 2010. It wasn't that well drawn, okay it was badly drawn..LOL. But I promised myself that as son as I could afford an illustrator I would have the book redrawn. I was able to do that in 2013.

AAR: How has the book been received?

George Cook: Very well. The book currently has a 4.4 rating on Amazon with 9 reviews and I'm proud of that. The only thing that bugs me out is that someone gave the book a three star review because it shows that girls have the option of also perming their hair. it bugged me out because I was trying to show that girls have many options in how to wear their hair and that they are ALL beautiful.

AAR: Why did you price the book at 99¢?

George Cook: I wanted the book available to all girls and 99¢ is the lowest price that you can set at Amazon for Kindle. I hope that makes the book affordable for most. I didn't want to go the physical book route because in my opinion the cost is prohibitive and the book would just cost to much to produce on my end and to the consumer on the buying end.

AAR: where is the book available?

Currently only on Amazon for the Kindle. You can use the link below to check it out. Thanks for the interview.

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