Monday, August 10, 2015

Attorney General Lynch speaks out on violence in Ferguson

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, made the following comments on the current unrest in Ferguson during an appearance at the national conference of the Fraternal Order of Police:

"Recent events in communities across the country have served as stark and tragic reminders of the tensions that exist in too many neighborhoods between law enforcement officers and the people we serve,'' Lynch told the police group Monday. "One year after the tragic events in Ferguson, Mo., we have yet again seen the consequences for officers and residents when those tensions erupt into violence and unrest.''

"We know that trust is not just a benefit of good police work,'' the attorney general said. "It is essential to its fulfillment. When officers and residents share a foundation of mutual trust and a reservoir of goodwill, residents are more likely to help with investigations: Victims and witnesses of crime are more likely to speak up; and all of us in law enforcement are better able to assist community members when they face difficult circumstances.''

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