Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Myths Hurting Young Black Men and Boys

I found this interesting article by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and felt obliged to share.

In America today, there are three myths, three fundamentally misguided beliefs that are hurting our young black men and boys -- bright young people that I have been fortunate to meet in my time as Mayor of Philadelphia. These myths chip away at the opportunities of these young men of color. As a result, we're putting an entire generation at a severe disadvantage and wasting the lives of millions of people who, with reasonable investment, could become vital contributors to our economy and society.

The three myths are:

1. Myth: America has progressed enough as a nation that black men and boys have an equal opportunity to be successful.

2. Myth: Black-on-black violence only affects the black community.

3. Myth: Helping young black men succeed is not government's problem.

Read more on these myths here: Three Myths Hurting Young Black Men and Boys

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