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Black author interview with Alycia Morris author of "Nothing New except Someone New"

As an author myself I know how hard it can be for authors to get publicity for their books. With that in mind I have decided to post short 7 question interviews with black authors to help publicize black authors and their books at no cost to those authors. If you are willing to do a free interview just contact me at

AAR (African American Reports): Tell us something about you the person?

Alycia Morris: I was born in Oklahoma City Oklahoma but I grew up in Waco and Dallas Texas. We moved back to Oklahoma when I was 13 and that is when I engaged in sports (cheerleading and track). After high school I joined the United States Army Reserves where I did a 6 year contract. I began college and majored in Sociology. I enjoy reading,writing and watching movies. When I am stressed I cook.

AAR: What inspired you to begin writing?

Alycia Morris: After a bad break up with a man I just knew was my soulmate I did not know how to express my emotions. So I wrote about what I was feeling and why I felt that way. After I expressed my hurt I began writing stories about love and relationships. I created characters to describe how I felt and how others felt about different scenarios in life.

AAR: What is your latest title?

Alycia Morris: "Nothing New except Someone New" This is my debut novel and it is a 2 part series. Part 2 will be released early October.

AAR: What's the plot of the book?

Alycia Morris: Who will Isis choose? It is a love story with a twist, she has been broken hearted and all she wants is to be loved and wanted.

AAR: Who is your favorite character in the book?

Alycia Morris: Tarvis , he gives a different prospective of men whom are stereotyped in society. He is smooth, charasmatic, he is not afraid to show his feelings to anyone at any time.

AAR: Where is the book available?

Alycia Morris: and Kindle Unlimited

AAR: Is there anything you would like to mention in closing?

Alycia Morris: I am currently working on a suspense thriller titled "Foul Play" to be released at the end of the year and a series entitled "The Elite Circle of Dominance" to be released the beginning of 2015.

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