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Black author interview with Gerald R. Johnson author of Tainted: Book of Revelations

As an author myself I know how hard it can be for authors to get publicity for their books. With that in mind I have decided to post short 7 question interviews with black authors to help publicize black authors and their books at no cost to those authors. If you are willing to do a free interview just contact me at georgelcookiii@gmail.com

AAR (African American Reports): Tell us something about you the person?

Gerald: The writer Gerald R Johnson was born in a small town in Central FL on the day and time Neil Armstrong walked on the moon (July 20, 1969)... He's an avid people watcher thus he has a growing list of characters always at the ready to be utilized. He's a dreamer which keeps his love of and for writing always present. As a father, he loves the fact that his desires to be creative has passed along to his kids. He feels that he's a Writer first and an Author after the fact, and to him there is a difference between the two. As a reader, he is constantly learning more and more about the world of "published" writers and looks forward to one day sit amongst the likes of King, Rice, Brown & Patterson as their literary equals.

AAR: What inspired you to begin writing?

Gerald: Inspiration to write can come from almost anything... From a random thought to a ride through town or a walk through the mall to even a song on the radio or a conversation with a friend. I love that anything around me has always been able to pull a story out of me, and I'm fortunate that I had people in my life who recognized that passion to create stories and helped to keep that fire burning in me. My main inspiration is truly a love of creativity.

AAR: What is your latest title?

Gerald: My latest title is Tainted: the Book of Revelations and it is book 1 of a 3 book series.

AAR: What's the plot of the book?

Gerald: Two best friends who grew up in the projects of Tampa have created a multimillion dollar industry born from their time of hustling drugs and other illegal merchandise, but one of them wants more... He wants to own it all and to do that he's willing to kill his best friend to take sole ownership of their company. What he's not prepared for is his best friend grooming his new bride to take over everything. She's nieve to the cruelties of street thugs, but she's determined to prove that she can and will be the head of her husband's business. A cub must become a lioness as she deals with a nest of vipers. The question becomes... Is she truly up to it?

AAR: Who is your favorite character in the book?

Gerald: I have two... Bobby "Jangles" Johnson is that antagonist that you come to love to hate. He grows into his part as the bad guy and keeps you wondering ... What's next? Next is Courtney Roulette, she has a lot to learn about her husband's business, and being a young lady already scarred by a bad experience she has to learn to prepare herself for the worst in a war between Jangles and her husband Sidney.

AAR: Where is the book available?

Gerald: Tainted is available in both paperback and ebook on most major sites like amazon, barnes&noble, Booksamillion, goodbooks, etc.

AAR: Is there anything you would like to mention in closing?

Gerald: Tainted is the first I've ever done in the urban genre, but not my last. I am not cornerstoned in just the urban lit, I got my start in writing doing scifi & fantasy, and I always dabble in the paranormal and erotica. Recent writings has even taken me into the realm of psychological thrillers. I love the challenges of writing, of testing my writing limits and just pushing them to the breaking point. As I mentioned, I am a Writer before an Author, and to me that means I'm always in a learning mode as a Writer in order to make myself a better Author. I love what I do because it is not What I am, but Who I am... I am a Writer. Thank you for this opportunity

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