Thursday, September 17, 2015

Olympia promoter releases statement denying that Kai Greene was banned

Mr. Olympia promoter Robin Chang has released a statement on Kai Green's announcement that he will not be competing in the 20105 Mr. Olympia. Read that statement below:

“Kai has had his Olympia contract since April but refused to sign it for reasons known only to Kai. This is the same contract Kai has signed for the past 6 years. Nothing has changed but the dates. If he was banned from competing, why would we send him the contract? I’ve even heard he said he was banned from the expo! Are you kidding me?

“The decision has always been Kai’s. If he REALLY wanted to compete, all he had to do was sign the contract and send it back to us, like he has done the past 6 years. The last time I spoke to Kai was with his manager about a month ago when they inquired about a booth at the Olympia. No indication that he wasn’t going to compete. I haven’t spoken to them since.”


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