Saturday, May 28, 2016

Interview with Leo Smith: GOP operative who believes Trump can get 20% of black vote

Leo Smith
Now I'm a staunch Democrat, but I also believe that African Americans have to be willing to listen to others who we usually don't agree with in order to leverage our voting power so that NO political party takes our vote for granted. So now and then I reach out to someone that I may not agree with politically, but that may have something interesting to say. One such person is Leo Smith. Mr. Smith is the minority engagement director for the Georgia GOP. Mr. Smith caught my attention because of an article in which he stated that he believed that Donald Trump could get 20% of the black vote in the general election, almost triple what Mitt Romney got in 2012.

I instantly wanted to know how he thought that could happen. I reached out to him on Memorial Day weekend, and Mr. Smith got back to me to set up this interview. Listen to Mr. Smith explain how he feels Trump can get 20% of the black vote below. (Sorry for some of the audio early on, you may have to adjust your volume)

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