Sunday, September 11, 2016

Colin Kaepernick: Police union rescinds boycott threat of 49ers games

Looks like the power of easy overtime beat out the power of faux outrage...George L. Cook III African AmericanReports.Com

The union for the police officers who patrol San Francisco 49ers games at Levi’s Stadium rescinded its boycott threat Thursday, nearly a week after the association proclaimed its members could decline assignments at the facility amid quarterback Colin Kaepernick's recent protests.

The Santa Clara Police Officers' Association wrote in a statement that it “will encourage our officers to work 49ers games and other stadium events.” The union cited the change in its stance to a statement put out a day earlier by Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, who thanked the city’s police officers for their dedication and asked them to work the games.

In a letter sent to the 49ers last Friday, the Santa Clara Police Officers' Association said its officers could opt not to patrol Levi’s Stadium and the 49ers' headquarters over Kaepernick's pregame protest of not standing for the national anthem, the socks he wore that depicted cartoon pigs wearing police hats and his comments about police brutality.

The letter received tremendous attention, but by the middle of this week, no officer had apparently declined to work the games over Kaepernick.


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