Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pres. Obama's half brother to be guest of Donald Trump at next debate

If you watched Marvel's Luke Cage series on Netflix, you have an idea of the trouble a jealous and hateful brother can cause. It seems President Obama has his own Diamondback in the form of his step-brother Malik Obama. Malik, an American citizen, had already made it known that he would be voting for Trump has now taken things a step further and will be Trump's guest at the third presidential debate.

Time.com reports:

Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik will show his support for Donald Trump at the third presidential debate on Wednesday.

The Kenyan-born man, who is also a U.S. citizen, announced in July he would vote for the Republican nominee. Now he tells the New York Post he is “excited” to attend the debate in Las Vegas and believes Trump “can make America Great Again.” Trump tells the Post his guest “gets it far better than his brother.”

The Trump campaign confirmed to TIME that Malik would be the candidate’s guest.


Anonymous said...

further proof that trump can't win with his knowledge and has to use kindergarden tricks

Anonymous said...

Who's the president of the United States,!!! It sure as hell isn't Obama's bitter petty half sibling and it will never be the Dumpster..the gift basket of deplorable's is no moses basket..