Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sigma Pi Phi donates $20,000 to the NAACP to help in fight for equality and justice

During its April executive committee meeting in Baltimore, the Grand Boule of the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternityannounced a new strategic alliance to increase its support of NAACP’s work in protecting civil rights
The agreement encourages members of the Grand Boule, the nation’s oldest African American Greek lettered fraternity to promote lifetime NAACP memberships among its group, increase organizational participation in civic engagement and get out the vote effortsas well as expanded engagement in activities in support of the NAACP’s strategic plan. 
Additionally, the Northern, Virginia based Beta Nu and Epsilon Zeta-member Boulespresented the Legacy Award, a monetary donation of $20,000to NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks in support of the organization’s continued fight for equality and justice.
“The NAACP applauds the Grand Boule and the Beta Nu and Epsilon Zeta-member Boules for its gracious donation and continued support of our work as the nation’s leading defender of civil rights for all people. Their commitment to serve as an influential and engaged ally, sets a powerful example for all organizations within our community,” said NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks, also a member of the Boule.
“The nation’s oldest civil right organization and oldest fraternity are developing a strategic alliance to more effectively address issues of people of color. The NAACP stands on the vanguard of issues ranging from discrimination, criminal justice, education, and economic parity, just to mention a few,” said Royce West Chair of the Grand Boule’s Public Policy Committee.Sigma Pi Phi has men with considerable expertise, experience and influence in many of these areas. The alliance of these organizations will facilitate cooperation on the national, state and local level,” he added.
The Grand Boule, also known as the Boule, is the nation’s first Greek-letter fraternity founded by African American men. The Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity is best known as the Boule, a Greek term meaning “council of noblemen.” Founded in 1904, Sigma Pi Phi is the oldest Greek-letter organization comprised primarily of African-American men. 

The Boule has more than 5,000 members and 119 chapters throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Its membership consists of some of the most accomplished, affluent, and influential men-leaders who are making lasting contributions to their communities, our society, and the world.

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