Sunday, October 29, 2017

Maxine Waters has tough words for predators and Trump

In no uncertain terms, Congresswoman Maxine Waters warned those who prey on women to "keep your hands off" Saturday at the Women's Convention in Detroit.

The 79-year-old Democratic icon from California, who's known for her no-filter honesty, was greeted with a standing ovation by a crowd at the Cobo Center.

Waters was there to address a packed hall of attendees -- and to be honored for speaking truth to power at an event titled the Sojourner Truth Luncheon.

Focusing largely on the issue of sexual harassment and assault that's been driven by the news about movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Waters stressed that the problem isn't limited to the entertainment industry.

Citing teachers, nurses, women serving in the military and fellow U.S. representatives who've added their voices to the #MeToo movement, Waters declared that such behavior toward women will not be tolerated.

"Keep your nasty comments away from us... Keep your hands off our backs and our g--damn bodies. We're not going to take it anymore," she warned.

Waters also made it clear that she thinks President Donald Trump is part of the problem. The grassroots women's movement grew out of concerns that rights for women and other groups would be impacted negatively by the Trump administration.

"This president has no respect for women," said Waters.

The Waters speech was one of the most anticipated offerings of the first such convention ever held by the Women's March movement.

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