Thursday, January 11, 2018

Rep. Mia Love demands that Trump apologizes for racist remarks about Haiti and Africa

Republican Congresswoman Mia Love, who is Haitian-American of Utah’s 4th Congressional District issued a statement Thursday in response to a controversial comment by President Trump, in which he decried Haitian and African immigrants coming to the United States from “s—hole countries.”.

Read her statement below:

The President’ comments are unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation’s values. This behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation. My parents came from one of those countries, took an oath of allegiance to it, and took on the responsibilities of everything that being a citizen comes with. They never took a thing from our federal government. They worked hard, paid taxes, and rose from nothing to take care of and provide opportunities for their children. They taught their children to do the same. That’s the American Dream. The President must apologize to both the American people and the nations he so wantonly maligned.”

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Anonymous said...

Mia, your family left a shit hole country because they wanted a better life for you. Thank God they did but don't be a hypocrite and gloss over the reason your family left Haiti. I was watching CBS rhis morning and they were interviewing an illegal Mexican immigrant who was brought here as a child. She stated she is worried that at some point she could get deported even though she is just finishing her phd. It was very telling that she made the statement that she would not go to Mexico but she mentioned Canada or Europe. She did not say it but she would not go to Mexico because it is a "shit hole" countey, or in your eyes she is just a rascist!