Saturday, March 07, 2020

Deval Patrick endorses Joe Biden for president

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has endorsed Joe Biden for president.

In his endorsement Patrick gave his resaons for supporting Biden:

"At a time when our democracy is at risk, our economy is not working for many Americans, and our role in the world is unsteady, America needs a unifying and experienced leader, who can and wants to make life better for everyone everywhere. Joe Biden is that leader,"

"I am today proud to endorse him for the Democratic nomination for President," Patrick continued.

"I saw firsthand Joe's essential role in passing historic health care reform, saving the American auto industry and our country from another depression, leading our troops home from war, and championing historic civil rights and LGBTQ equality," Patrick said. He praised Biden's work on a number of other issues, and called the candidate a "genuinely caring and compassionate person."

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