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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Tyler Perry buys groceries for senior citizens at dozens of supermarkets

Tyler Perry treated seniors in Georgia and Louisiana to free groceries on Wednesday.

The director, who was born in New Orleans and lives in Atlanta, paid the grocery tabs for senior and higher-risk shoppers at 44 Kroger stores in Metro Atlanta on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the supermarket chain confirmed to ABC News.

He did the same thing for Winn-Dixie shoppers in Louisiana, a representative for the stores said.

Both grocery stores have designated shopping hours for those whom the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said are at higher risk for developing severe illness as a result of the novel coronavirus.

“We would like to join our customers in thanking Mr. Perry for his kindness and generosity during this unprecedented pandemic,” said Felix Turner, manager of corporate affairs for Kroger’s Atlanta Division. “It was truly a pleasure to see our customers fill with joy and gratitude as the news spread throughout 44 stores across Metro Atlanta.”

Perry, 50, has not commented on the donations, and reportedly told stores to simply say the bills were paid by an anonymous "angel."