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Monday, September 01, 2014

Black author interview with Tranay Adams, author of The Devil Wears Timbs

As an author myself I know how hard it can be for authors to get publicity for their books. With that in mind I have decided to post short 7 question interviews with black authors to help publicize black authors and their books at no cost to those authors. If you are willing to do a free interview just contact me at

AAR (African American Reports): Tell us something about you the person?

Tranay Adams: My name is Tranay Adams. Some of my loved ones call me Tre, Neck Bone, or Tre80. My homeboy who in Junior high school gave me that name because I was having so many fights in Junior high school. Fter a fight is when I actually met him. He was like, ‘Cuz, you must had like 80 fights since you got here. I’ma start calling you Tre80. I used to rap in high school so I used it for that too but I grew out of rapping some time ago. I like what I do now which is writing. I used to write poetry. In fact I used to charge cats $2 and a pack of Black and Milds (the Black and Milds were for my friend) to write poetry for their girl friends on their birthday or anniversary, or whenever they felt like simping. I can draw but I don’t like to. I haven’t done in a few years. To make this short, I like things that you wouldn’t think a 20 something year old from the South Central Los Angeles would like. I like to think myself as IRREGULAR. But this is me. You either love me or leave me alone.

AAR: What inspired you to begin writing?

Tranay Adams: I lost my grandfather who, besides my youngest uncle, Big Mack, was the only father figure that I had growing up. He died when I was 13 going on 14. It really messed me up so I couldn’t focus in school. So my mother put me in home school. The teacher there gave me two books. Man Child in the Promise Land by Claude Brown and Always Running by Louis Rodriguez. I loved them both. I stopped reading for a time but rediscovered my love for it once I discovered B-More Careful by Shannon Holmes and Gangsta by K’wan. I thought these novels were classics. The authors were from New York. I wanted to write a novel that had people like me and the people that come from my neighborhood could identify with, so that what got me into writing. What fueled me further is CA$H’S Trust No Man Trilogy. His style was raw and gritty, much like my own.

AAR: What is your latest title?

Tranay Adams: I was signed to Lock Down Publications in June, I think. My first novel The Devil Wears Timbs which is a street-lit tale dropped July 23rd 2014. It will be a trilogy.

AAR: What's the plot of the book?

Tranay Adams: Basically, it’s about a brother and sister who are on the run from a man that they deem as the devil. But they realize he isn’t nearly as bad as the friend of the man that takes them in off of the streets.

AAR: Who is your favorite character in the book?

Tranay Adams: I love all of my characters. No matter how malicious some of them tend to be. But if I had to choose I’d have to say Fear and Eureka. You can throw Constance in there too.

AAR: Where is the book available?

Tranay Adams: The Devil Wears Timbs is Available on on E-book, as well as paper back. You can get in touch with me on Facebook at Tranay Adams or my email which is for a signed copy.

AAR: Is there anything you would like to mention in closing.

Tranay Adams: Yes. Thank you to all of you that support me. I love you all to death. Know that whenever you buy a novel with my name on it that I strive to give you the best that I have to offer. Also pick up these titles from my label mates and associates.

The Devil Wears Timbs II: Baptised in unholy water by Tranay Adams will be out this September.

Don’t F*ck With My Heart by Linnea

Boss’n Up by Authoress Royal Nicole

Love Knows No Boundaries by Coffee

Thugs Cry 1 and 2, Trust No Bitch, Trust No Man trilogy, Til My Casket Drops, Shorty Got A Thug and Bonded by Blood by CA$H

Dog Food By Rayneisha Pitman

Natural Born Killaz, Boy, I’ve Had Enough, Girl, I’ve Had Enough, Ratchetville trilogy, To Live and Die in L.A, and a host of other novels by Terry L. Wroten. You may see him out there in these Los Angeles streets in his van with all of his books as advertisements. Get at him; he got that heat, straight up.

Thanks for the interview. I really appreciate it. Salute!

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