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Friday, September 18, 2020

Rep. Payne, Jr. Introduces Bill to Reimburse Schools for Coronavirus Masks

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. introduced the Masks for Students Act today. The bill would force the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) to continue to reimburse local K-12 schools nationwide for the masks purchased to protect in-school students during the coronavirus global pandemic. FEMA officials said recently that the administration would stop reimbursing schools because it defined masks as an operating expense now and not critical emergency equipment during the coronavirus global pandemic. Rep. Payne, Jr. introduced the bill with Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ).

“Schools are under tremendous pressure to continue in-class learning with less financial resources,” said Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr. “They need all the help we can give them. Since the country benefits when students are back in the classroom, I wanted to introduce a bill that would continue to give local schools and school districts federal support for the masks they use to keep teachers and students safe. We are still in a national medical emergency and schools should not be punished for keeping students and workers safe.”

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to defy Kemp ban on mask mandates

Several Georgia mayors including Keisha Lance Bottoms have lashed out over Gov. Brian Kemp’s (R) Wednesday order overriding local mandates requiring residents to wear a mask or face covering amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, vowing to continue enforcing local rules.

Bottoms said in a Thursday news conference that “it’s my belief that the city of Atlanta still has the appropriate standing to mandate masks,” specifically citing city-owned buildings and other areas.

"I believe that our city mask ordinance, and I believe those across the state, are defensible, and it is not just my posture but the posture of many mayors across this state that our policies are enforceable and they stand,” Bottoms said Thursday.

Kemp’s office has called local mask mandates “unenforceable.” The governor’s Wednesday order voids local mandates and instead “strongly” encourages all residents and visitors to wear face coverings in public.

When asked if she feared a lawsuit from the state, Bottoms, who announced that she tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, said she was not concerned .

"You all know I love to quote Audre Lorde, she says 'I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.' So I am not afraid of the city being sued," Bottoms said Thursday. "And I'll put our policies up against anyone's any day of the week."