Friday, May 02, 2014

Fox News cuts away from Obama press conference because nobody asked about Benghazi?

What kind of sh*t is Fox News on? Today Fox News cut away from a press conference with President Obama and German chancellor Angela Merkel because no reporters asked about Benghazi. In an huge case of irony President Obama discussed the situation in Ukraine. You know the situation Fox News has used to portray President Obama as weak although many of their pundits have admitted there's not much he can do.

But back to why no one asked about Benghazi Now there are probably two very good reasons why no questions were asked.

1. It would be inappropriate to bring up an American conspiracy theory when the German chancellor is here to discuss issues that relate to US/German relations.

2. Nobody except Fox. News gives a f*ck.

Watch Fox News cut away from the press conference and give an explanation why below:

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