Sunday, July 13, 2014

African Americans don't hate black conservatives.

African Americans don't hate black conservatives.

By George L. Cook III.

If you have watched right wing/ conservative media recently you have been spoon fed the idea that the average African American doesn't like black conservatives. You would get the idea that the black community cast out black conservatives simply because of their beliefs. That's not true at all.

Now while many don't understand how a black person can support this current group of conservatives regardless of their color I have yet to be at any type of social gathering and see someone thrown out because they were republican or conservative. I have heard friends argue and eventually agree to disagree over a few beers.

I think a distinction needs to be made about who we in the black community have issues with. We have issues people who:

* Use the phrase democratic plantation. I mean really?

* Demean their own community and act as if anything "black" is bad.

* Have an issue with the term African American. How much nerve does it take to tell someone what they can call themselves?

* Think that they are better than everyone else just because they are conservative. They are somehow more enlightened.

* Who blame everything on President Obama and help spread misinformation. There are things to criticize our president about without making stuff up.

* Who don't speak out when other conservatives say something racist or very insensitive.

* Allow themselves to be used to make disparaging remarks about President Obama or in support of a conservative ideas that white conservatives can't say without severe blow back.

Now if you are a conservative that does not fall into those categories I don't believe anyone would have an issue with you. If you can articulate your ideas without insulting others and simply make a compelling argument about your views no one would have a problem with you. Quite simply we don't have problems with people who know how to talk respectfully to others.

You see African Americans don't hate black conservatives, they dislike nasty and rude people.

George L. Cook III

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