Saturday, October 11, 2014

Some blame racism, but could anger be the cause of Eric Duncan's death?

In the days following the death of Eric Duncan due to Ebola, many have questioned whether his race played a role in how he was treated while in the hospital. Many have pointed out how white patients were given experimental drugs or blood transfusions from recovered Ebola patients as evidence that racism may have played a part in Duncan's death.

My question is could it be something other than racism. Could it be that doctors and nurses were angry at Duncan for coming back into the United States knowing that he may be sick and thus endangering them all? Could they have reacted to that fact consciously or more likely subconsciously and not treated Duncan as well as they could have?

I know that those in the medical field are professionals and claim to adhere to high ethical standards but they are human. And like with have recently with police officers high standards doesn't stop them from doing wrong. So do you think that anger may have played more a role than racism in Eric Duncan's death, or that he was just treated too late?

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