Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Civilian review board finds excessive force in James Blake takedown

The Civilian Complaint Review Board has substantiated the charge of excessive force against Officer James Frascatore, who took James Blake to the ground last month, and recommended departmental charges that could lead to his suspension or dismissal.

Police Commissioner William Bratton will make the final determination, following an internal departmental trial.

James Blake released the following statement:

"I want to express my appreciation to the Civilian Complaint Review Board for their quick and thorough review of the incident during which I was attacked on September 9, 2015. I learned today that the CCRB has substantiated the Complaint, filed on my behalf by my attorney Kevin Marino, against James Frascatore (for excessive force), and Daniel Herzog (for abuse of authority). It is my understanding that these officers now face an administrative trial for their roles in the respective offenses. I have complete respect for the principle of due process and appreciate the efforts of the CCRB to advance this investigation."


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