Monday, December 21, 2015

Who had a worse weekend: Odell Beckham or Steve Harvey

This is all in fun people. Both men excel at what they do and simply had a bad day, like many of us do. Unfortunately their bad days happened in front of millions. Both will get over this. George Cook ,

Wow what a weekend to come off like a jackass in both sports and entertainment. NY Giants star receiver Odell Beckham came off like a complete fool with his actions against Carolina Panther, Josh Norman. Beckham got three unsportsmanlike penalties costing his team 45 yards with one penalty being for a nasty helmet to helmet hit to Norman's head. His actions and inability to focus on the game cost his team the game. Beckham has been suspended for one game for acting stupid. Watch the head to head hit below.

Then there's talk show/game show/radio show host Steve Harvey and his screw up at the Miss Universe pageant in which he announced the wrong person winning. Harvey announced Miss Columbia when he should have announced Miss Philippines. They gave Miss Columbia the crown, the roses, the whole winner treatment only to have to take it back from her and give it to the actual winner. Steve Harvey quickly apologized but the damage was done. Now Steve wont get suspended like Beckham but about 6 million people saw the screw up live and millions more have watched online. But if you missed it check it out below.

So who do you think had the worst weekend, Harvey or Beckham?

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