Monday, September 03, 2018

Republican official resigns after calling kneeling NFL players baboons

A racist Republican county official in Pennsylvania has resigned over social media posts where she called NFL players who protested by taking a knee during the national anthem “baboons” and “ignorant blacks.”

“Tired of these overpaid ignorant blacks telling me what I should believe in. I will tell you what I believe in and that is our Flag the National Anthem and America period end of story,” wrote Carla Maloney, the ex-Republican Committee of Beaver County’s secretary, on Facebook under the name Carla Belich Fueller, local outlet The Beaver Countian reported.

“You don’t like it here go to Africa see how you like it there. We are all Americans not African American not Hispanic American. WE ARE ALL AMERICAN,” she added.

The racist posts were made before Maloney was named secretary earlier this year, Chip Kohser, chairman of the RCBC told the Beaver County Times.

Most of the comments were made after many of the Pittsburgh Steelers stayed in their locker room for the anthem before their game on Sept. 24, 2017, Kohser added.

“Steelers are now just as bad as the rest of the overpaid baboons… How many men and women have lost limbs or died to protect this country and you baboons want respect,” she wrote in one post. “Let’s see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries.”

In a letter sent Friday, Maloney resigned as both secretary and as an elected member of the committee, and apologized for her “distasteful, inappropriate and insensitive social media posts.”

“I know my posts and comments were disrespectful to not only the people that I love, but families across the country,” she wrote.

The posts were made public this week as a result of “an ongoing family dispute,” Maloney added.

Kohser, the committee chairman, said Maloney’s comments “do not reflect the opinions of the Republican party as a whole” – though he admitted to knowing about the posts last year.


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