Saturday, March 09, 2019

Get a copy of the 1940 Negro Motorist Green Book

We have all heard and read the controversy over the movie Green Book. Most of the debate focused on the depiction of Dr. Don Shirley, but there was minimal discussion of the real Green Books which were written by Victor Hugo Green. Here's your chance to get and read a copy from 1940.

In the segregated US of the mid-twentieth century, African-American travelers could have a hard time finding towns where they were legally allowed to stay at night and hotels, restaurants, and service stations willing to serve them. In 1936, Victor Hugo Green published the first annual volume of The Negro Motorist Green-Book, later renamed The Negro Travelers' Green Book. This facsimile of the 1940 edition brings you all the listings, articles, and advertisements aimed at the Black travelers trying to find their way across a country where they were so rarely welcome.

Use the links below to purchase the Green Book.


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