Sunday, March 08, 2020

William "The Conquerer" Bonac: 2020 Arnold Classic Champion

For the second time in three years William "The Conquerer" Bonac has won the Arnold Classic. He did so by beating the likes of 2nd place finish Dexter Jackson, Big Ramy, former champs like Cedrc McMillan, and up and comers like Sergio Oliva Jr.

Congrats to the 2020 Arnold Classic Champ, William Bonac!


1st: William Bonac, $130,000

2nd: Dexter Jackson, $75,000

3rd: Big Ramy, $50,000

4th: Steve Kuclo, $30,000

5th: Sergio Oliva Jr., $15,000

6th: Cedric McMillan, $10,000

7th: Akim Williams, $2,000

8th: Maxx Charles, $2,000

9th: Victor Martinez, $2,000

10th: Patrick Moore, $2,000

11th: Joshua Lenartowicz, $1,000

Interview with 2020 Arnold Classic Champion, William Bonac

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