Monday, August 03, 2020

Barack Obama endorses Jaime Harrison for the U.S. Senate

Former President Barack Obama has endorsed Jaime Harrison’s bid for the U.S. Senate.

“I’m proud to endorse this diverse and hopeful collection of thoughtful, empathetic, and highly qualified Democrats,” Obama said. “Together, these candidates will help us redeem our country’s promise by sticking up for working class people, restoring fairness and opportunity to our system, and fighting for the good of all Americans — not just those at the top. They make me optimistic not just about our party’s chances in November, but about our country’s future long after that. So if you’re in one of their districts or states, make sure you vote for them this fall. And if you can, vote early — by mail or in person.”

"This campaign to bring hope back to South Carolina is getting stronger every day," Harrison said. "As Senator, I will fight to bring strong character and values back to Washington, where too many politicians are playing political games instead of fighting for us. It is an honor to receive the endorsement of President Barack Obama, and I will continue to fight to restore hope to South Carolinians in the midst of this pandemic."

Harrison is running for U.S. Senate against South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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