Sunday, October 25, 2020

Big Ten's has first all-Black officiating crew at Michigan/Minnesota game

The Big Ten Conference is proud to announce that at last night's game between Minnesota and Michigan featured the first all-African American football officiating crew in the history of the Big Ten and any Autonomy Five conference. Comprised of 11 men and one woman, the historic crews included on-field officials, replay official, communicator and timer:
  • Larry Smith – Referee
  • Ed Feaster – Umpire
  • William McKoy – Head Line Judge
  • Dorsey Skinner – Line Judge
  • Lamont Simpson – Field Judge
  • LaShell Nelson – Side Judge
  • Robert Smith Jr. – Back Judge
  • Greg Nelson – Center Judge
  • Calvin Diggs – Alternate
  • James Robinson – Replay Official
  • Terry Young – Communicator
  • Darrel Leftwich – Timer
  • On Oct. 23, the Big Ten Conference announced the launch of the ‘United As One’ social justice campaign. ‘United As One’ is among several conference-wide Equality Coalition initiatives dedicated to constructively and collectively recognizing and eliminating racism and hate in our society by creating resources for inclusion, empowerment and accountability.
  • The Big Ten Conference established the Equality Coalition in 2020 with 227 members including presidents and chancellors, directors of athletics, coaches, student-athletes, conference and school administrators, alumni, families and friends representing all 14 institutions.
  • #B1GVote was established in partnership with the National Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights as a nonpartisan conference-wide educational collaboration to encourage student-athletes to take part in the electoral process.
  • Twenty-two percent of the 2020 Big Ten football officiating staff is comprised of minorities and/or women.
Photo Information (L-R): Darrel Leftwich, LaShell Nelson, James Robinson, Gregory Nelson, Terry Young, Calvin Diggs, Commissioner Kevin Warren, Edward "Ed" Feaster, Gil Marchman, Larry "Smitty" Smith, Lamont Simpson, William "Will" McKoy, Dorsey Skinner, Robert Smith Jr. (University of Minnesota Athletics/Brad Rempel)

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