Thursday, February 04, 2021

Vermont bill would require college course in African American history for teachers

A bill that is proposed in Vermont would require public school teachers to take a college-level course in African American history.

The bill, H.79, sponsored by state representative Maida Townsend, (D) D-7 Chittenden, would require teachers to take a college level course in African American history before they could receive or renew a teaching license.

"I firmly believe that this bill, though it's tiny, one little course in African American history could serve as a building block across the various subject matter disciplines to help all teachers address the issues of bias," Rep. Townsend said.

The bill as introduced reads in part, "This bill proposes to require each applicant seeking to obtain or renew a license to teach in a public elementary or secondary school in Vermont to have completed at least one three-credit course in African American history at an accredited college or university, covering the period from the European colonization of North America through the end of the 20th century."


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