Wednesday, May 11, 2022

NAACP Statement on President Biden's Plan to Lower Internet Costs

The NAACP released the following statement on President Biden's Plan to Lower Internet Costs:

"It's time to democratize the internet. The lack of internet access in America has hit Black and brown communities hard. President Biden's announcement today to provide free Internet to nearly 50 million households is a substantial stride toward building an inclusive economy. Internet access is a necessity in today's world. The pandemic has shined a spotlight on what we already knew to be true: the internet is essential as millions work and study from home, but it has not been afforded to all. Historic underinvestment in infrastructure in Black communities, intentional and as a result of neglect, has left Black communities behind. As we have shifted to a digital economy, this disparity has deepened gaps in achievement and success. The President's plan is a historic investment and proof that the Biden-Harris Administration understands this will be a big deal for families across America and communities of color."

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