Monday, October 10, 2022

Barack Obama to host pro-democracy forum in NYC

With democracy under threat in the United States and around the world, the promise and potential of the next generation of leaders is more important than ever. On November 17 in New York City, President Obama will join pro-democracy thinkers, leaders, and activists from around the world to focus on the biggest challenges democratic institutions face today. The Obama Foundation is hosting the Forum in partnership with Columbia University and the University of Chicago.

The event will showcase democracy in action around the world. It will highlight the young leaders in our programs and advocates who are deeply engaged in revitalizing the institutions that support a healthy democracy, and modeling the values that have always embodied our best.

It will also draw on the core tenets that all strong democracies are built on, with speakers and guests discussing and debating ideas for how we can make sure our democracies and our institutions deliver.

The Obama Foundation believes that the best chance we have to solve our greatest challenges is to solve them together.

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