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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Elizabeth A. Thomas is missing

Police in Fayetteville North Carolina are asking for the public's help to locate a missing woman who was last seen in December, authorities said.

Elizabeth A. Thomas, 37, was reported missing on Jan. 9, according to a statement by Fayetteville police. She was last seen on Dec. 26 in the 500 block of North McPherson Church Road.

Investigators said she is 5-feet-3-inches tall, weighs 130 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts was asked to call 911 or contact.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Deputies suspended for 'failures to act' at Trump rally where protester punched

Five sheriff's deputies in North Carolina have been suspended without pay following a Donald Trump rally where an African American protester was sucker-punched as he was being escorted out, the Cumberland County Sheriff said Wednesday.

The March 9 rally in Fayetteville, N.C., was caught on videos that showed a Trump supporter assaulting an anti-Trump protester, who was then detained by numerous uniformed men.

"The actions of the deputies and their failures to act in situations such as that which occurred during the Trump rally at the Crown Coliseum have never been and will not ever be tolerated under the policies of this office," Sheriff Earl Butler said in a statement.

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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Fayetteville NC pastor convinces church gunman to give up rifle

A man with a semi-automatic assault rifle walked into a downtown Fayetteville NC church during a New Year’s Eve prayer service.

The church’s pastor is City Councilman Larry Wright.

The incident at Heal the Land Outreach Ministries, off Campbell Avenue, ended peacefully, although many of the 60 members in attendance were startled, and at least one person — a pregnant woman — slipped out of the service.

Wright said he was able to calm the armed stranger, take away his weapon and then pray for him before Fayetteville police officers arrived.

Wright said the man, who has not been identified by police yet, was carrying the rifle without a clip in one hand and a loaded ammunition clip in the other hand. But, Wright said, he didn’t know if the rifle had a round of ammunition in it.

Wright stepped down quickly from the pulpit when he saw the man, who appeared to be in his late 20s.

The man continued moving toward the front of the church, pointing the rifle into the air.

The two met, near the front of the sanctuary.

“Can I help you?’’ the pastor asked the man.

Wright, who is a 57-year-old retired soldier, said the man’s answer determined his next action.

“If he was belligerent, I was going to tackle him,” said Wright, who is 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds.

But the stranger was calm, and Wright took the weapon from him. He then patted him down, and the pastor summoned four strong deacons to embrace the disarmed man, in an effort to make him feel welcome.

Wright then prayed for the man, who fell to his knees and began crying.

The man was then invited to sit on the front pew, and Wright resumed the Watch Night service. During the altar call at the conclusion, the man came forward and asked for salvation.

“He gave his life to Christ,” Wright said in an interview Saturday with The Fayetteville Observer.

Someone had called 911, and before the service had ended, police had arrived. But Wright said he asked the police to remain outside.

“I didn’t want to interrupt the service,” said the two-term councilman, whose church members call him Bishop Wright.

One of the church deacons, 67-year-old Sylvester Loving, said the congregation had been talking that evening about violence in other churches around the United States, before the man entered with the rifle.

“I think that night the spirit of God was definitely in the place,” Loving said.

Police Department spokesman Lt. David McLaurin said the incident was noted as a “Call for Service.’’ Notes regarding the call, McLaurin said, indicated the man was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center at his request as a voluntary commitment.

Wright said he never got the man’s last name before he was escorted away, but he hopes to contact him again.

“I want to follow up with him and see that he’s getting the help and resources he needs,” Wright said.