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Sunday, June 21, 2020

New Black Anime Website Launches

Over the past decade, anime has become a sweeping sensation in the United States, especially in the African American community. This has sparked a desire for more black anime characters to be seen and for their stories to be told in the visually captivating art style that originated in Japan. Answering the call is Black Streak Entertainment. Their new website puts the studio’s African American anime centric comics, manga, and merchandise on display for the world to indulge.

“We are answering the internet’s growing desire to see more black anime characters and black comics,” says Terry L Raimey, CEO and Co-Founder of Black Streak Entertainment. “We have been anime fans for decades, so it’s wonderful that we can tell stories from our African American perspectives using this amazing art style.”

“As a black manga artist, it’s important for me to present both black female anime characters and black male anime characters in ways that have never been seen before,” says Justin Raimey, President and Co-Founder of Black Streak Entertainment. “This means being creative and stepping outside the box that black manga characters and black superheroes are usually placed in.”

Black Streak Entertainment’s diverse black anime properties include The Legend of Tsakanin, an action adventure fantasy comic inspired by West African mythology; Black Quest, a medieval fantasy themed side-scrolling beat ‘em up video game; Dusty Dirty Days, a comedy manga starring two dust bunny sisters turned landlords in a shady neighborhood occupied by insect residents; and Fiji Random, a comedy manga about a teenage game addicted slacker and her wacky high school misadventures.

Learn more about Black Streak Entertainment at A portion of every sale will be donated to African American youth organizations.