Tuesday, December 02, 2014

What's being done to stop the "white on white" crime (murder) epidemic?

In light of events in Ferguson many conservatives/republicans suddenly care about black on black crime. In order to divert attention away from the real issue, we are now constantly being told how many blacks kill blacks. Now, of course, if they really cared they would help do something about gun control, especially when it comes to straw buyers and how many guns one person can buy a month. But I digress.

I find it hypocritical that many on the right are critical of black on black crime when they have ignored the scourge of "white on white" crime. Just today with almost no effort I found the following recent cases of white people murdering other white people.

Jamestown Woman Arrested, Charged With Killing Boyfriend's Father

How a son plotted the murder of his millionaire father


In addition to those cases in cases in which there was a single victim and a single offender 2,509 out 3,005 of whites murdered were murdered by other whites in 2013 (SOURCE: FBI)

At this rate immigration won't be the reason whites become a minority by 2043, it will because of "white on white crime. The question I have is where is the outrage? Why are the good white people not doing anything to demand that this "white on white crime" be stopped. Where are the white fathers and why aren't they putting a stop to this crime epidemic affecting the white community? Where are white leaders and why aren't they speaking out and leading protest marches to let the world know of the tragedy that is "white on white crime"?

What has led to a decline in white culture to get us to this point? Is it the decline of the white family, the decline in church-going, the disgusting, filthy music put out by Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande? Is it video games such as Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty?Is it the prevalence of wannabe gangsta culture?


Now of course most of what you just read is just ridiculous bullsh*t but think about it, it is still bush*t when you take out "white on white" and replace it with "black on black". Now let's get a grip people and stay focused on the real issue, and that's the type of policing practiced in minority areas.

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