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Black Author Interview with Hope Destiny author of Side Effects of Love

As an author myself I know how hard it can be for authors to get publicity for their books. With that in mind I have decided to post short 7 question interviews with black authors to help publicize black authors and their books at no cost to those authors. If you are willing to do a free interview just contact me at

AAR (African American Reports): Tell us something about you the person?

Hope Destiny: What can I say about me....I'm a bit OCD. I am ambitious. I am a challenge. I love challenges. I have my Masters degree in Accounting.i have 3 kids...all teenagers...a daughter 18 and sons 17 and 14. My 17 year old and I have the same birthday. Been married twice. Been divorced twice. I love me some me...

AAR: What inspired you to begin writing?

Hope Destiny: I wanted to tell my story about my beginnings because where I am now and where I came from, I had to rise above it. I wanted to inspire someone to be a victor not a victim. People live in their minds too much. I did. It's too much wealth in the world as well as heights to attain....I want to be in that race. The race is not given to the swift but to those who endure to the end....

AAR: What is your latest title?

Hope Destiny: The latest title has not been released. It's called Side Effects of Love. That's the name of the series. I will and can expand on that at a later time. The one before that is called That Good Good that I collaborated with another author on. The book before that is my memoir and first book called You Don't Know...My Story.....both books are a series.

AAR: What's the plot of the book?

Hope Destiny: Side Effects of Love I won't too much elaborate on but That Good Good is an urban erotica fiction of six short stories. Different stories...different plots...You Don't Know...My Story is my memoir from youth to 18.

AAR: Who is your favorite character in the book?

Hope Destiny: That Good Good is a collaboration so I can't say I favor my characters over the coauthor All the characters represent different things in the different stories.

AAR: Where is the book available?

Hope Destiny: That Good Good: an urban erotica short stories series as well as You Don't Know...My Story: I don't look like what I've been thru are available on back copies of both can be purchased on Hard copies of That Good Good can be purchase at

AAR: Is there anything you would like to mention in closing.

Hope Destiny: If I have to close with anything....I would like to tell everyone to dream big and strive for success because it is achievable with hard work. Maybe being a millionaire isn't what God has for you. Maybe being a thousandnaire comfortable and happy with what you achieve.....don't sweat the small stuff.

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