Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Eric Holder on mistrust between minorities & the police: "We have failed as a nation"

During an interview with Joy Reid for the New Yorker Magazine Eric Holder made some very profound comments when asked about the decades-long mistrust that remains between communities of color and law enforcement. Read his response below.

It means that we, as a nation, have failed. It's as simple as that. We have failed. We have understood that these issues have existed... These are issues that we've been dealing with for generations.

And it's why we have to seize this opportunity that we now have. We have a moment in time that we can, perhaps, come up with some meaningful change. It's what I'm committed to doing, even in the limited time I have left as attorney general. And I'll certainly continue to do it after I leave office.

But I also feel that the nation is really ready for this kind of change. And I would hope that, 10 years from now, 12 years from now, we will not look back on this as a lost opportunity.

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