Saturday, November 07, 2015

Conservatives think more blacks should support for Carson because his life story???


Many conservatives seem confounded by the fact that Ben Carson is not being received warmly by the African American voters. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and like minded ilk seem to think that Carson's great personal narrative should have blacks flocking to him to hear his message. By focusing on his narrative they are overlooking a lot of other issues that black voters have with Carson. Check out my fictional conversation between a black voter and a conservative Carson supporter which may better help to get my message across.

CONSERVATIVE: With his great life story and all I can't see why more blacks are not flocking to Ben Carson.

BLACK VOTER: Yes, he has a great life story but what does that have to do with being president? You know that we can separate the world class neurosurgeon from the horrible candidate?

CONSERVATIVE: What, you can? But doesn't his life story at least require that you as a black person take a good hard look at him and his policies?

BLACK VOTER: Do the dumb things he says about African Americans and his allowing himself to be used to attack President Obama warrant him not even getting my attention?

CONSERVATIVE: But his narrative!

BLACK VOTER: Does his narrative mean that I should ignore his lies about West Point and stabbing someone?

CONSERVATIVE: But he made it, he has such a great life story.

BLACK VOTER: Yes but his tax plan is a complete joke. He says he would base his plan on tithing, really?

CONSERVATIVE: Again, his life story.

BLACK VOTER: So I should ignore the fact that he would do damage to programs like Affirmative Action and financial aid programs that helped HIM get into and through college?

CONSERVATIVE: You are overlooking all he overcame in life.

BLACK VOTER: But I'm not overlooking the fact that he wants to do away with many of the programs that helped own HIS family eat and keep a roof over their heads?

CONSERVATIVE: You are focusing on the wrong thing here. Ignore what comes out of his mouth and just focus on his life story, he became a world class neurosurgeon for God's sake!

BLACK VOTER: That is a great story but what comes out of his mouth says to me that he wants to be the magical negro and have no one else climb the ladder after him.

CONSERVATIVE: Magical Negro?

BLACK VOTER: Ask Clarence Thomas, he'll fill you in on that.

CONSERVATIVE: But he was raised by a single mom and look how successful he is.

BLACK VOTER: Many black children are raised by single parents and go on to be successful. They may not become neurosurgeons but they become Mayors, Congressman, doctors, lawyers, police chiefs, teachers, engineers, military officers, upper management, college deans or presidents, small business owners, and more. Carson's story is not as rare as you would like to think it is.

CONSERVATIVE: Okay, then what about the fact he's black? You guys voted for Obama in droves because he's black.

BLACK VOTER: So why didn't we vote in droves for Jesse Jackson?

CONSERVATIVE: I don't know.

BLACK VOTER: Maybe because we are a lot more pragmatic that you guys give us credit for. Yes, we voted for Obama in big numbers but many also felt that he could actually do the job. Carson has MUCH to show and prove before we reach that point. Also when it comes to black issues Rand Paul seems to be more on point that Carson.


By George L. Cook III, EMAIL

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