Thursday, November 26, 2015

Should African Americans celebrate Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving and it's supposed to be a day of thanks and arguing with family members you hope not to see again until next year. After reading post on social media about black people and the appropriateness of us celebrating the holiday I did a online search on the topic. I found several post and articles and I read a recent and interesting article at on the topic by by Vann R. Newkirk II and Kymone Freeman. This paragraph stood out to me.

...To celebrate Thanksgiving requires a bit of contortion from those of us who try to be socially conscious. The image of Pilgrims eating peacefully with American Indians at a shared harvest feast presents a faulty view of the founding of this country—one typically framed as though there was a willing hand off between Native and White. This obscures the history of violence and oppression, and it also manages to both legitimize and whitewash our country’s terrible actions toward its indigenous people. As a Black American who works every day to hold our country accountable for its rampant racial inequality that is a continuum of centuries of racism, terrorism, and genocide, Thanksgiving is truly a tough holiday to process.

So based on your beliefs and life experiences do you believe that African Americans should celebrate Thanksgiving?

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