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The Black Doll Affair self-esteem movement

Aiming to change the way black girls are perceived and perceive themselves, with support from a few big names when it launches in 24 states across America and delivers thousands of free Barbie dolls in various cities, The Black Doll Affair’s message will go into overdrive on December 5th.

Lead by Taye Diggs’ kid sister, ShalomIsrael Diggs, on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 at 1:00 pm in 24 states across America, 36 Black Doll Affair Ambassadolls (city and state representatives for The Black Doll Affair) and hundreds of living Dolls (women of all nationalities, primarily black) will deliver a message of self-esteem! That moment in time will mark The Black Doll Affair’s largest black doll delivery ever! Since 2007, supported by their members, fans and corporate sponsors like Macy’s and Mattel, The Black Doll Affair has donated thousands of toy black dolls to little girls across the country and, earlier this year, thirty new Ambassadolls came on board to help this Christmas.

The Black Doll Affair (BDA) announced that it recently named ShalomIsrael as an Honorary Black Doll, appointed her as their Ambassadoll for Harlem, NY and placed her at the helm of its annual national Black Doll Affair Christmas Doll Deliveries in Atlanta - a unique event where living Dolls come to life to deliver donated dolls and a message rooted in self-esteem and love for the doll in the mirror. This year’s Black Doll Affair Christmas Deliveries will occur December 5th at 1:00PM in all time zones. The benefactors of The Black Doll Affair’s gifts have already been chosen by the Ambassadolls. However, in Atlanta at Macy's Greenbriar Mall, beginning at 3:00 PM, on a first come basis, ShalomIsrael and The Black Doll Affair will host a public self-esteem Christmas party and doll giveaway.

"Becoming an Honorary Black Doll has been such a wonderful opportunity. I've had the privilege of meeting amazing women, collaborating with local organizations in Harlem and bringing about self-awareness to myself and others. December 5th marks a very special day. So that I can learn from the Doll that started it all (Dana Hill, BDA Founder) as a new Ambassadoll and take what I learn into Harlem, I am being flown to The Black Doll Affair’s headquarters for its Christmas deliveries at Macy’s Greenbriar Mall. I’m excited to help continue to spread a message of hope, beauty and high self-esteem for black girls,” said ShalomIsrael.

With his book "Chocolate Me" (co-collaborated with his childhood friend Shane Evans) as the official children's book of the BDA and as an Honorary Black Doll Brotha (literally and figuratively speaking, Brothas are what men are called in the BDA), Taye had this to say about his sister joining him in the movement: "I'm proud to know that my sister is aligning herself with the highly esteemed and relevant Black Dolls. The service this organization provides in today's current racial climate is both necessary and appreciated. Knowing ShalomIsrael's enthusiasm and commitment in matters such as these, the possibilities are very exciting! I’m wishing this collaboration good luck, onward and upwards!"

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About The Black Doll Affair

Founded in 2007, The Black Doll Affair was created as a solution to doll tests that revealed that black children prefer white dolls and view black dolls asugly and bad. Diversity partners with Macy’s, Inc., and Mattel, Inc., The Black Doll Affair [BDA] is a social organization and self-esteem movement driven by its primary members, The Black Dolls. Secondary members are the Black Doll’s Porcelain Pals (non-black members) and Brothas (male supporters). The Black Doll Affair has grown into 24 states across America and Washington, DC. The Black Dolls range in shade and shape. Eighteen years and older, from college students to grandmothers, career women to ladies of leisure, they are women that band together to tackle the black girls issues with shadeism, self hatred and low self-esteem. To deliver their message of internal and external beauty, they donate toy black dolls to toddlers, host self-esteem summitsfor teens and produce special events that promote and uplift black women. For fun, the Dolls, their Porcelain Pals and Brothas, enjoy each other at social play dates. To express the importance of community service, annually they donate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to philanthropic causes that affect all races. These are the Affairs of The Black Dolls. For more information log onto

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