Monday, November 14, 2016

Keith Ellison formally announces his bid for DNC Chair

Congressman Keith Ellison (Minn) has formally announced his bid to run for chair of the Democratic National Committee. He already has the endorsements of U.S Senators like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, and other members of congress John Conyers, and Bonnie Watson Coleman. Read his statement below and learn more about Ellison's campaign for the DNC chair here:

Democrats win when we harness the power of everyday people and fight for the issues they care about. It is not enough for Democrats to ask for voter's support every two years. We must be with them through every lost paycheck, every tuition hike, and every time they are a victim of a hate crime. When voters know what Democrats stand for, we can improve the lives of all Americans, not matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation.

To do that, we must begin the rebuilding process now.

This election cycle, we did not motivate enough people to the ballot box. we must champion the challenges of working families and give voters a reason to show up at the polls in 2018 and beyond. We must build a bench not just for federal candidates, but for state and local candidates across the nation.

We also need a robust party organization in every state that prioritizes voter relationships over everything else. we must invest in and empower our state and local parties by creating effective field operations, an enhanced and advanced voter file, and a culture of collaboration between candidates at every level. Let's put voters first.

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and if given the opportunity to serve, I will work tirelessly to make the Democratic Party an organization that brings us together and advances an agenda that improves people's lives.

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