Monday, January 16, 2017

The reason I'm disappointed in Martin Luther King's son meeting with Donald Trump.

By George L. Cook III

Today on the day we honor Dr. Martin Luther King his son went to meet with Donald Trump. I'm not so disappointed that he went but I'm not happy about when he went. Hear that reason below.


Unknown said...

MLK III has spent his entire life failing in every way possible to be even a quarter of the man that his beloved father was.

MLK III has done nothing else except ride and soil the legacy of his late father and mother.

He is a greedy, pathetic, minimally intelligent, petty ass buffoon, who was too damn stupid to realize that he was nothing more than a puppet for Trump's photo op.


Dianne Wing said...

Maybe he was hawking MLK,Jr's personal Bible and Nobel Peace Prize medal to Trump.