Saturday, August 12, 2017

DNC Chair Tom Perez on White Supremacist Protests in Charlottesville

DNC Chair Tom Perez has released a statement on the violence during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville Virginia. Unlike Trump's statement on the protest, Perez's is not ambiguous when it comes to who is at fault for the violence. Read his statement below:

"The demonstrations by white supremacists this weekend have no place in our country. This vile display of racism is an attack on our democracy and an affront to humanity.

"America is no place for bigots. And to be silent in the face of their hatred is to condone it. That's why it is on all of us to stand up to these reprehensible acts and speak out against white supremacy. We cannot allow a group of cowards instill fear in our communities.

"The Democratic Party stands with Governor McAuliffe, Lieutenant Governor Northam, the people of Virginia, and every American united against these vicious and violent attempts to divide us."

Why can't Trump denounce white nationalist?

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