Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Rep. Karen Bass says she is 'seriously considering' run for Los Angeles mayor

Responding to favorable polling numbers and encouragement from supporters, Rep. Karen Bass said she is "seriously considering" running for mayor of Los Angeles in 2022.

A poll released on Aug. 23 by a California-based public opinion research firm found that more than a quarter of a sample of the city's Democrats supported Bass against other current and potential candidates for the 2022 mayoral election.

In an interview with KPCC/LAist, Bass said, "I have been overwhelmed and humbled by people pushing for me to do this, and I will say that I am seriously considering it."

She said that running for mayor "was not something I had thought about before -- I was planning to run for reelection. I am evaluating the situation now."

There’s evidence that Bass would enter the campaign as a frontrunner. A survey by opinion firm FM3 Research that asked Democratic voters about current and potential candidates found strong support for Bass — nearly a quarter of respondents picked her as their first choice for mayor. Bass' hypothetical competitors languished in the single digits, according to the results of the late-July early-August snapshot.


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