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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Erica Gilmore will be Nashville’s first African American trustee

In a landslide win, former Councilwoman Erica Gilmore has been elected Nashville’s newest trustee, defeating incumbent Parker Toler, who was appointed in June 2019 to replace the late Charlie Cardwell.

The Office of the Trustee is a Constitutional office that was established as a tax collection agency for each county in the state of Tennessee. The Trustee in Davidson County collects Real Property, Personalty and Public Utility Taxes. This office also administers the State of Tennessee Tax Relief Program,Tax Deferral Program, Tax Freeze Program, collects and processes Delinquent Taxes, Central Business Improvement District Taxes, Gulch Central Business Improvement District Taxes and Vegetation Liens.

“Thank you for your vote Metro Nashville for electing the first African American Trustee! We appreciate everyone, staff and volunteers because this would not be possible without you. I look forward to serving Metro Nashville,” said Gilmore.

The former Councilwoman received over 78% of the vote in the Democratic Primary, and with no Republicans running, she is assured the win in November.